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  1. Spook Up Your Work Look!


    October 9, 2013 by Emily

    I don’t know if you know this… but Jenn and I LOVE Halloween… Ok Ok Ok, we know you know. But seriously? Candy, Cocktails, Costumes and Craziness?! Bring.It.On.

    I’ve been known to spends weeks (sometimes MONTHS) working on a halloween costume to wear out, but up until now I hadn’t been able to pick out a non-costume outfit to celebrate my favorite holiday. You see, a teacher wearing a costume is super distracting for 36 middle-school students… and I have enough to worry about in my classroom without adding extra distractions.

    So how do you tastefully, and subtly express your love for halloween in a work environment? Spook up your look!

    spookylook1-Dress/LaZtyle 2-Blazer/9XIS 3-necklace/ModCloth 4- Shoes/Payless 5-Tights/Etsy

     Everything is pretty subtle as far as a halloween look and I know for certain I would be wearing these pieces throughout the year!


    What’s your favorite way to show some spooky spirit?

  2. Spring Style Picks


    March 15, 2013 by Emily

    We’ve had hints of spring weather here in Baltimore, and I’m SO ready for this cold weather to be done! I’m putting away my sweaters and leather boots to encourage the sunny weather to be upon me…. And what better way to prepare for spring than getting my spring style ready to roll?!


    1- A fitted chambray/denim shirt:Demin is always in fashion and I love layering this shirt over tops that I should be saving for warmer weather but can’t wait to wear again. It helps bridge the fashion gap between too cold sweater/thermal weather and perfectly sunny sleeveless weather.

    2- Ankle length skinnies: Usually I wear my skinny jeans on the longer side, I like to have them bunch and scrunch around my shoes during the cooler months… but as winter turns to spring I like showing a little more skin (hahaha ankles are SO scandalous). Theres just something super casual and “ready for warm weather” about these skimmer jeans that I really love.

    3- Patterned tote bag: I am the queen of big bags, if I can’t fit a hoodie inside a purse I don’t even think about buying one. Its time to trade out your deep jewel toned purse for a fun patterned tote that can carry enough things for an adventure. If you’re like me, you’ve been stuck inside all winter and are ready to go exploring!

    4- Colored Oxfords: These minty seude oxfords are so cute! They make me think of grown up easter shoes, and the pop of color is just what my tootsies need after a few months of dark boots.

    5- Brand New pair of Shades: This needs no explanation, everyone needs a new pair of sunnies and whats cuter that these pastel heart shaped ones?!

  3. Inspiration for Tying the Knot!!


    January 24, 2013 by Emily

    Alex and I have almost exactly 9 months until our wedding day!! I’m so excited!

    This is something Alex and I talked about for a while before he proposed, so we are on the same page about pretty much everything, from location, to food, to music. How lucky am I?! There’s no wedding stress coming from my man!


    I’ve always wanted to get married at my grandparents (now my parents) barn in western Maryland and the moment Alex saw it he agreed that this was the place for us!

    The barn, paired with a promise to play our reception from our super talented musician friends from The Manly Deeds set us on the path to a Rustic and Retro inspired hootenanny wedding.

    Now I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted to Pinterest, I see things and go YES! that’s what I want, that’s what we’ll do! And sometimes I see things and know that while beautiful, they’re completely ridiculous. A typewriter in a snowy forrest, with a fur wearing bride does not a wedding (nor marriage) make…. But it’s still my go to for ideas! Here are the images that have popped out the most (I’ll try my best to have the photos click through to the original content, Pinterest is amazing, but not always the best at linking back to the person who deserves the credit!)



    First and foremost we want our wedding to be FUN! What better way than to have lawn games?! My parents have always put up a badminton net or bocci balls during parties at our house so it only seems fitting to have them at THIS party! Recently one of our groomsmen introduced me to corn hole, and apparently I’m a natural! I can’t wait to kick everyones butt!


    On to decor!!


    Thanks to Jenn, I’ve become enamored with the aesthetic of mismatched chairs, fingers crossed I’ll be able to thrift, beg, borrow and steal enough chairs for our guests. Who ever doesn’t get a chair…


    can rest their laurels on some fabric topped hay bales.




    I love the idea of have simple “filler” flowers in simple canisters as our centerpieces, and utilizing my parents herb garden to create boutonnieres and bouquets. I’d love to carry something that smells amazing down the aisle, and since I can’t carry pot roast I think lavender and rosemary work right?
    Thats enough wedding spam for now, I hope you’re ready to live through our journey of wedding planning! Stay tuned for the real fun when we actually start planning things instead of just ogling things on the internet. look forward to lots of DIY posts and mini-online-freakouts about getting hitched!
    What should I talk about for my next weddingly update? THE DRESS?! Food? Invites?! Let us know what you want to hear about!

  4. Quick Tip, Saving Your Broken Makeup


    January 5, 2013 by Emily

    I’m sure every make-up wearer has accidentally dropped an eyeshadow on the floor of their bathroom, looked down and discovered it in pieces. Worst.


    And I’m particularly rough on my makeup…. I toss things around, when I’m done with my powder I’ll just drop it (literally drop *plunk*….I’m a bull in a china shop most days) back into the plastic drawer I keep everything in… not the nicest way to handle my products.

    But, did you know you can RE-PRESS powdered makeup? Its easy, just a couple of minutes and some rubbing alcohol and your once destroyed makeup will be solidly back in its pot, ready to roll!


    You’ll need:

    Your broken makeup
    Plastic bag/plastic wrap
    Something to break up and eventually smooth the makeup (I used a mini spatula from an at home waxing kit Don’t judge me! I have out of control eyebrows…I’m part wookie)
    Rubbing Alcohol


    Place the plastic over the surface of the broken makeup and use the spatula to completely break up the makeup into a fine powder.

    Gently remove the plastic, and wiggle until the powder settles in a even(ish) way.

    Slowly drip the rubbing alcohol onto the powder, you want the powder to become saturated with the alcohol.

    Let the mixture meld together a bit, the powder will absorb the alcohol in a few minutes.

    Use the spatula to smooth the surface of the makeup, you can also use the spatula to compress the mixture a bit which will help it stay together.

    Allow to dry for 24 hrs, the use as normal!






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