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  1. Front of House Facelift


    April 6, 2013 by Emily

    Jenn has talked before about quick and easy ways to update small elements around your home or apartment, injecting some of you personality without spending a lot of cash!

    I’ve been wanting to replace our icky beat up mailbox since we bought our house, and THEN I unpacked my spray paint… quickest facelift ever:
    faceliftA few coats of paint and I have a brand new mailbox, and one that has a pop of color that you wouldn’t find in a mailbox bought new from a hardware store!

    To remove wall mounted mailboxes like these all you need to do is lift up and off the screws (yeah, you don’t need tools!) I wiped off the grime and went to town with my spray paint! I chose to go with a hammered metal paint finish because I knew that the texture would cover any pitting on the surface of the metal, if you want a smoother paint job just lightly sand off bumps and your good to go.

    Now instead of spending $20 to $150 on a new mailbox, I spent pennies to give what I already had an awesome facelift!



  2. 5 Uses for Salt


    February 18, 2013 by Jenn

    Salt, especially table salt, is one of the most accessible and inexpensive “5 Uses” that we’ve done so far. Your doctor may tell you that sodium is bad for you but there are lots of other ways that salt wan work in your favor. Here’s 5 of them.


    1. Removing blood stains from fabric. Oops, your child cit themselves and got blood all over their brand new shirt. Don’t worry! Mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup peroxide into a bowl. Dip a rag into the mixture and blot the blood stain until it is soaked thoroughly. Let sit for about 10 minutes then throw it in the washing machine.

    2. We all make mistakes. Maybe this time you put too much soap in the washing machine or maybe your washer just got a mind of it’s own and it now spilling over bubbles everywhere. Just add 1 cup of salt and watch the bubbles recede!

    3. During the wintertime, especially in Baltimore, we often have frosty windows on our cars in the morning. Stop spending money on expensive window sprays to de-ice your car. Mix 1 cup salt with a gallon of warm water. Pour it on or use in a spray bottle. It’ll de-ice the windshield and keep it from icing up again all day.

    4. Cooking on a time crunch? Add a few tsp of salt to a pot of boiling water depending upon how big of a pot you’re using. This will make the water boil at a much higher temperature. It won’t compromise the taste of your food and it will make the food cook faster, especially if that food is spaghetti.

    5. Keep out the ants! If you have an ant problem in your home, don’t spend money on chemicals that will make your home oh-so-stinky. As it turns out, ants are a little prissy. They hate walking on salt. Pour salt by windowsills or doorways where the ants are making their entrance. It’ll keep them out.

    I hope these tips are helpful for you. I love the idea of spending very little on an item like salt instead of lots of money on expensive products when salt will do an even better job. Salt will also keep your flowers fresh and extinguish grease fires. What a deal!

  3. Quick Tip: Stay on track!! De-clutter!!


    February 17, 2013 by Jenn

    This is the time of year when people’s resolutions start going out the window. Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t accomplished some of the goals you had for staying neat and tidy. Rome wasn’t built in a day, AMIRITE? My big goal for this year is to de-clutter, as you can tell by some of my other posts. Here are a few quick tips for how to stay on top of the mess.

    1. Conquer the closet. I recently got rid of a lot of things but keeping closets clutter free is an ongoing process. Go in your closet and turn all the hangers the wrong way. You’re probably saying “what? huh? that’s crazy!” but it works. If all the hangers are backwards and as you use things, you put them back the right way, after 6 months you’ll see what you don’t wear! It’ll make it a lot easier to give old clothes the boot when you are 100% sure you never wear them.

    2. 1 thing in, 1 thing out. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now and it work so well. If I bring 1 thing into my home, 1 thing has got to go. Accumulation is no longer a problem.

    3. Scale it. Make yourself a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being that you don’t need an item and 5 being that you just have to have it or you’ll die. I have a tendency to go to thrift stores and purchase way too many things. Ill tell myself “It’s only 2 dollars so I have to get it, I’ll find something to do with it!”. Reality? No I won’t. It will sit in my house forever until I forget about it. When shopping, scale it. How much do you really love/need this object? Can you afford it? Is the price in sync with how much you want it? (That dress is 30 dollars, it’s cute, but is it 30 dollars worth of cute?)

    I hope you find these tips helpful! If you’re mindful of the shopping choices you make and if you really want to live a less cluttered life you will not only be saving money but you’ll feel better too!

  4. Quick Tip, Adding length to a necklace


    February 10, 2013 by Emily

    Sometimes you find awesome accessories while thrift-ing and don’t even think about the fact that the teeny-tiny necklace that looks super cute in the case won’t possibly fit around your she-hulk neck.

    For instance, take this super sweet carved horn necklace that I bought years ago, it doesn’t clasp around my neck, and hardly fastens around my teeny tiny sisters neck…. something had to give.


    Heres a 10 second necklace makeover, taking your necklace from too snug to perfect in no time flat! All you need to do is loop a length of thin ribbon on each side of the necklace:


    Now you can tie it at any length and feel comfortable!

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