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  1. DIY Shoebox Puppet Theater


    February 25, 2013 by Jenn

    Today we have something special for those kiddos in your life. This is a fun project to do with your kids or just to make as a gift for a special tiny human in your life. It’ll also fit into your budget since it’s made from recycling things you probably already have. (I told you I’m a recycle monster.) What’s one thing every girl has lying around? Shoeboxes. You could even use a shipping box from that thing you just ordered online for an even larger project. Today I’m going to show you how I turned a plain shoebox into a tiny puppet theater, complete with puppets made from old mittens. So really it’s like 2 DIY’s in one. What a deal!


    You will need:


    - Fabric scraps
    - Shoebox
    - Scissors
    - Glue
    - Stapler
    Not pictured: Pinking shears, exact-o knife (both optional), yarn.


    1. Remove the lid and any other weird parts from the box.
    2. Cut a rectangular hole in one of the sides of the box. This will be where you put your hands through.
    3. Paint a scene as your back drop in the back of the box. You could make several on different pieces of paper so you have options.
    4. Take 2 scraps of fabric and make side curtains. Staple them to the sides of the box.
    5. Take a long piece of fabric and make this the top curtain. I glued it to the sides of the box, this will hide the staples from the side curtains. I cut mine with pinking shears.
    6. Cut a hole in the side of the box and run yarn through it. These will be your curtain ties.
    7. Tie in a bow and secure the curtains.

    Your theater is finished, now let’s get ready for the puppets!
    You’ll need:
    - A pair of old mittens
    - Fabric
    - Yarn
    - Needle and thread
    - Marker or embroidery thread


    1. To make the hair for the puppets, wrap the yarn around your fingers.
    2. Use a second piece of yarn to tie in the middle, this will give you a bow shape.
    3. Put a thimble on your finger, then put the glove on over it. Sew the yarn to the mitten. The second piece of yarn that you tied will act as the hairs “part” so put that in the middle.
    4. Now you have little wigs!
    5. For their costumes, the options are endless. I cut small pieces of fabric and secured them with a stitch in the back.
    6. I used a marker to draw on my puppet’s faces, you could also sew on some faces with embroidery thread.
    Puppet people!!!!

    Don’t have the time for puppet people? That’s okay. You can also use scrapbook stock. I took a few and taped them to popsicle sticks. Boom. Instant puppets.




    I hope you have as much fun with this project as I did. Now, get those kiddos crafting!

  2. DIY 3 Ways to Hang Photos


    November 15, 2012 by Jenn

    I don’t know about you guys, but I take A LOT of Polaroids. Ever since Fuji-film came out with their own camera and film that is pretty reasonably priced, I’ve been hooked. I’m also a huge fan of collecting old bizarre photographs from flea markets and thrift stores. There are a lot of ways to display these photos, most of which involve putting holes in the photos or some kind of material on them. Today I’m giving you 3 ways to display these photos that are fun, easy, and won’t cause damage.

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  3. Dying Wool Yarn DIY


    October 1, 2012 by Emily

    I myself am not a knitter, looking at a knitting or crochet project all I see is colored spaghetti on needles… and while I love tedious and obsessive crafts (I quilt and weave fabric…talk about tedious!!) knitting is not something I ever grasped well.  But, I am tremendously lucky to know amazing and talented friends who not only love to knit but rock at it! They also never tire of making me beautiful hats, gloves and sweaters!

    As the seasons change I need to start preparing for the holidays, especially if I plan on hand making most gifts… and what better present for my knitters then beautiful custom dyed yarn?!

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