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  1. 5 Uses: White Vinegar


    November 30, 2012 by Jenn

    Distilled white vinegar is probably one of the most useful solutions on the planet.  It’s chemical make-up alone makes it much more powerful than most cleaners but A LOT less toxic for your home, plus it usually costs less than 3 bucks for the big bottle. I use white vinegar in my house at least 4 times a week, the big bottle lasts forever since it’s highly concentrated and you don’t need to use much. Here are 5 ways to use distilled white vinegar that will help your wallet and your home!

    1. Make your polish last! Have you tried everything trying to keep your nail polish from chipping? Next time, dab a cotton ball with white vinegar and rub it on your nails. The vinegar helps the polish adhere to your nails. It may make your hands a little stinky but if you rub your hands with a little lemon juice it’ll take away the vinegar smell! Maybe try Emily’s decal DIY when you’re ready to paint?

    2. Make your furniture a scratch-free zone. My cat has claws. Good ones. Sure, I’ve bought her scratch pads, cat condos, those things that hang on the door that are supposed to make them stop scratching but DON’T. I’ve tried it all. Then I found out that my cat hates the smell of vinegar, apparently most cats do. So next time your cat is going for the furniture, take a water bottle of water with 2 tbsp white vinegar and lightly spray the area. You’re cat will be bummed out but the stink and won’t scratch it up! Depending upon the type of fabric your furniture is made of, do a spot test first, just to be safe. If you have an issue with your pets jumping on windowsills or countertops you can spray the vinegar in those spots as well.

    3. Baking in a hurry can be a catastrophe, the recipe called for a teaspoon of salt and you accidentally put in a tablespoon or more.. EEK… what to do?? If you added to much salt to a recipe, an easy fix is to add 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 1 tablespoon sugar and voila! All better.

    4. Cleaning your produce is important but some of the veggie washes at the store can be expensive. A quick and cheap substitute is to add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 1/2 quarts water. Put mix into a pray bottle and wash away the veggie germs and pesticides!

    5. One of the most well known uses for vinegar (and one of my personal favs) is removing deodorant deposits and sweat stains from shirts. Its a dirty secret a lot of us have and vinegar clears it right up! dip the problem area of the shit in undiluted vinegar and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes then put directly into the washing machine and wash normally. I have only used this trick on t-shirts so like I said with the furniture, if it’s a unique fabric you should always do a test spot treatment.

    I hope these tricks are useful for your home. White vinegar is cheap and super useful! It even stops bee stings from stinging

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