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  1. Front of House Facelift


    April 6, 2013 by Emily

    Jenn has talked before about quick and easy ways to update small elements around your home or apartment, injecting some of you personality without spending a lot of cash!

    I’ve been wanting to replace our icky beat up mailbox since we bought our house, and THEN I unpacked my spray paint… quickest facelift ever:
    faceliftA few coats of paint and I have a brand new mailbox, and one that has a pop of color that you wouldn’t find in a mailbox bought new from a hardware store!

    To remove wall mounted mailboxes like these all you need to do is lift up and off the screws (yeah, you don’t need tools!) I wiped off the grime and went to town with my spray paint! I chose to go with a hammered metal paint finish because I knew that the texture would cover any pitting on the surface of the metal, if you want a smoother paint job just lightly sand off bumps and your good to go.

    Now instead of spending $20 to $150 on a new mailbox, I spent pennies to give what I already had an awesome facelift!



  2. DIY Re-style: Vanity Table


    March 9, 2013 by Jenn

    Today I’m going to show you a super easy way to re-style a piece of furniture and it’ll only cost you $9.00. That’s right, 9 bucks! Here is how I did it.


    I had a vanity table that was pretty old and beat up but I liked the style and details of it so I decided instead of tossing it, I’d just fix it up! You can see below how the table top was pretty gnarly and the fabric on the seat had seen better days.

    I went to Sherman Williams and picked out a robin’s egg blue called “Slick Blue”. Here’s the best part, most paint stores will give you what is called a sample bucket so you can test out the color on your wall at home. These sample come in a quart sized container and are only $5.00!!! A quart is more than enough paint to re-style a smaller piece of furniture. The only other supplies needed were a piece of fabric to cover the seat and a few pieces of sandpaper and a spray sealant. I already had the fabric so with the sandpaper and sealant (I used a small can of Krylon lacquer I purchased from Home Depot for $3.50) that brought my total to $9.00. Let’s get started.
    First you’ll want to lightly sand the surfaces you’ll be painting. You don’t have to use much force, you just want to create a surface that the paint is able to stick to. Take the furniture apart as much as possible so you can reach every nook and cranny. Use some kind of drop cloth (I used some kind of weird fiesta fabric. I have no idea where it came from.) and start painting! Allow ample time for your paint to dry. I painted 3 coats just to make sure I had a lot of coverage. Once the paint is completely dry, take it outside and spray it with the sealant. I used a light spray and did 2 coats. The sealant is optional but since I will be frequently using this piece of furniture, I wanted to make sure that it’s protected. It’ll also keep the paint from chipping if you bump it into a wall or something.




    As for the seat, I’m not a reupholstering master so I simply put new fabric over the current fabric. Since the current fabric was a lighter color, it won’t be seen through the new fabric. The seat to the stool was screwed into the base, so I was able to unscrew it and wrap the fabric around the seat like a Christmas present being sure to keep it taught. I then used a heavy duty staple gun to secure the new fabric in place and screwed it back together.



    This project cost only $9.00 and took about 2 days to complete, mostly due to paint drying time. Now, I have a pretty new piece of furniture that adds a pop of color to my bedroom!

  3. DIY Hair Accesories


    December 27, 2012 by Emily

    Tis the season to dress festive! With holiday parties of all kinds happeneing every weekend I need to look fancy!  While my wardrobe can work it, my go-to ponytail doesn’t make the “fancy” cut.

    Being the rough and tumble tomboy most of my life I’ve had chopped pixie hair cuts for most of my life, so it’s no surprise that I’m pretty terrible at styling my now shoulder length hair. What’s a girl to do when they have no idea how to do anything beyond a ho-hum pony tail? Dress that pony tail up!


    Just like when I had short hair, I ususally dress up my normal hair style with a glitzy hair accessory! Headbands are your friend…especially when they’ve gotten a facelift.

    Here’s how to jazz up a regular headband with a few dollars worth of supplies from the craft store:

    Option 1, ORNAMENT headbands:

    Xmas Ornament Headband
    Here’s a quick, cheap and easy option. I took a quick look in my local craft stores clearance section the day after xmas, and what did I find? These glittery golden snowflakes and ribbon wracking up a grand total of $1.50! I wrapped a headband I already owned with the ribbon, being careful to hot glue the ends down, then I glued the two snowflakes slightly off centered on the headband. A total of 5 minutes of work for a super cute and festive hair piece! 
    Take a look around you the next time you’re out scouting for supplies you may find your crafting inspiration in surprising places!
    Option 2,  Rocking some Rhinestones:
    headband2This one takes a little more time, but it’s just as easy!
    What you’ll need:
    Large “Rhinestones” (I found these in the jewelry section for $2)
    1 piece of felt in the same, or similar, color as the stones
    Hot Glue Gun
    1-Cut the felt into the size and shape you would like your adornment to be, I like the way the football shape tapers on both ends and made it about 6 inches wide.
    2- Arrange your stones on top of the felt, allowing a little bit of space around each stone to allow it to bend over the headband. Once you’re happy with the arrangement hot glue them securely to the felt.
    3- carefully trim the excess felt from around the stones, I got fairly close (1/8in) to the stones.
    4-Glue to the headband.
    Now I have a pretty, sparkly accessory to wear to my parties without having to stress over how to style my hair. I can swoop my hair into an easy bun or ponytail, add my headband and run out the door!

  4. DIY Up-Cycled Sweater Pals


    November 15, 2012 by Emily

    Right now I’m purging my closet of all the clothes that will never fit me, aren’t flattering or will never come back in style… and I will be the first to admit that usually I hold onto clothes well past their prime, so my purge pile is huge. While most of this will be going into charity, there are some items I just can’t bear to part with because even though they may be worn out or I look awful in them, they still hold a lot of sentimental value.

    Instead of holding onto lumpy ill fitting sweaters and having them take up valuable real estate in my closet I decided to give my old duds new life and turn them into little stuffed pals!

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