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  1. Inspiration for Tying the Knot!!


    January 24, 2013 by Emily

    Alex and I have almost exactly 9 months until our wedding day!! I’m so excited!

    This is something Alex and I talked about for a while before he proposed, so we are on the same page about pretty much everything, from location, to food, to music. How lucky am I?! There’s no wedding stress coming from my man!


    I’ve always wanted to get married at my grandparents (now my parents) barn in western Maryland and the moment Alex saw it he agreed that this was the place for us!

    The barn, paired with a promise to play our reception from our super talented musician friends from The Manly Deeds set us on the path to a Rustic and Retro inspired hootenanny wedding.

    Now I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted to Pinterest, I see things and go YES! that’s what I want, that’s what we’ll do! And sometimes I see things and know that while beautiful, they’re completely ridiculous. A typewriter in a snowy forrest, with a fur wearing bride does not a wedding (nor marriage) make…. But it’s still my go to for ideas! Here are the images that have popped out the most (I’ll try my best to have the photos click through to the original content, Pinterest is amazing, but not always the best at linking back to the person who deserves the credit!)



    First and foremost we want our wedding to be FUN! What better way than to have lawn games?! My parents have always put up a badminton net or bocci balls during parties at our house so it only seems fitting to have them at THIS party! Recently one of our groomsmen introduced me to corn hole, and apparently I’m a natural! I can’t wait to kick everyones butt!


    On to decor!!


    Thanks to Jenn, I’ve become enamored with the aesthetic of mismatched chairs, fingers crossed I’ll be able to thrift, beg, borrow and steal enough chairs for our guests. Who ever doesn’t get a chair…


    can rest their laurels on some fabric topped hay bales.




    I love the idea of have simple “filler” flowers in simple canisters as our centerpieces, and utilizing my parents herb garden to create boutonnieres and bouquets. I’d love to carry something that smells amazing down the aisle, and since I can’t carry pot roast I think lavender and rosemary work right?
    Thats enough wedding spam for now, I hope you’re ready to live through our journey of wedding planning! Stay tuned for the real fun when we actually start planning things instead of just ogling things on the internet. look forward to lots of DIY posts and mini-online-freakouts about getting hitched!
    What should I talk about for my next weddingly update? THE DRESS?! Food? Invites?! Let us know what you want to hear about!

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