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  1. Front of House Facelift


    April 6, 2013 by Emily

    Jenn has talked before about quick and easy ways to update small elements around your home or apartment, injecting some of you personality without spending a lot of cash!

    I’ve been wanting to replace our icky beat up mailbox since we bought our house, and THEN I unpacked my spray paint… quickest facelift ever:
    faceliftA few coats of paint and I have a brand new mailbox, and one that has a pop of color that you wouldn’t find in a mailbox bought new from a hardware store!

    To remove wall mounted mailboxes like these all you need to do is lift up and off the screws (yeah, you don’t need tools!) I wiped off the grime and went to town with my spray paint! I chose to go with a hammered metal paint finish because I knew that the texture would cover any pitting on the surface of the metal, if you want a smoother paint job just lightly sand off bumps and your good to go.

    Now instead of spending $20 to $150 on a new mailbox, I spent pennies to give what I already had an awesome facelift!



  2. Quick Tip, Adding length to a necklace


    February 10, 2013 by Emily

    Sometimes you find awesome accessories while thrift-ing and don’t even think about the fact that the teeny-tiny necklace that looks super cute in the case won’t possibly fit around your she-hulk neck.

    For instance, take this super sweet carved horn necklace that I bought years ago, it doesn’t clasp around my neck, and hardly fastens around my teeny tiny sisters neck…. something had to give.


    Heres a 10 second necklace makeover, taking your necklace from too snug to perfect in no time flat! All you need to do is loop a length of thin ribbon on each side of the necklace:


    Now you can tie it at any length and feel comfortable!

  3. Quick Tip, Saving Your Broken Makeup


    January 5, 2013 by Emily

    I’m sure every make-up wearer has accidentally dropped an eyeshadow on the floor of their bathroom, looked down and discovered it in pieces. Worst.


    And I’m particularly rough on my makeup…. I toss things around, when I’m done with my powder I’ll just drop it (literally drop *plunk*….I’m a bull in a china shop most days) back into the plastic drawer I keep everything in… not the nicest way to handle my products.

    But, did you know you can RE-PRESS powdered makeup? Its easy, just a couple of minutes and some rubbing alcohol and your once destroyed makeup will be solidly back in its pot, ready to roll!


    You’ll need:

    Your broken makeup
    Plastic bag/plastic wrap
    Something to break up and eventually smooth the makeup (I used a mini spatula from an at home waxing kit Don’t judge me! I have out of control eyebrows…I’m part wookie)
    Rubbing Alcohol


    Place the plastic over the surface of the broken makeup and use the spatula to completely break up the makeup into a fine powder.

    Gently remove the plastic, and wiggle until the powder settles in a even(ish) way.

    Slowly drip the rubbing alcohol onto the powder, you want the powder to become saturated with the alcohol.

    Let the mixture meld together a bit, the powder will absorb the alcohol in a few minutes.

    Use the spatula to smooth the surface of the makeup, you can also use the spatula to compress the mixture a bit which will help it stay together.

    Allow to dry for 24 hrs, the use as normal!






  4. Quick Tip: Give your apartment a face lift!


    October 2, 2012 by Jenn

    Painted windowsills and switch plates are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your apartment. As a renter, my options are limited as to what can be painted or renovated. My windowsills were a bit dull so I gave them a new coat of white paint and it made such a difference. Most paint stores offer small sample cans of paint that range anywhere from 5 to 8 dollars!

    Painting designs onto your switch plates is another thrifty way to brighten up any room. Simply remove the plates, paint them, and then put them back on. So easy! When you move out, all you’ll have to do is replace the plates which are only a few dollars a piece at your local hardware store.

    Happy painting!

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