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  1. DIY Nebula Nails


    December 2, 2012 by Emily

    I’m not one for girly or fussy manicures, but every now and again I need something on my fingers that’s really special.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of space and nebula inspired clothing items lately and decided that since I can’t pull off wearing outer space leggings in the classroom I should put the trend on my nails.

    Water marblings been a popular nail technique for a while now but with the bright colors I’ve seen people use it never looked like something I would wear, but with a dark base and more subtle polish choices it turned into something amazing.

    1- What you’ll need:

    Black nail polish
    2 or more colors for marbling
    Glitter top coat
    Water, in a disposable cup

    2- Paint your base color, this does not need to be perfect or opaque because mostly it will be covered with the marbling effect.

    3- Tape off the skin surrounding your nails, I only do 1-2 nails at a time so I can really focus on the marbling

    4- Carefully tap drops of nail polish into the cup of water, they should spread over the surface a bit.

    5- Continue to add your colors on top of ,or very close to, each other.  I try to use 3-4 drops total. They should swirl and blend together a bit, and you can help this by dragging a toothpick through the surface.

    6-Carefully dip your nail through the nail polish and slowly remove from the water, repeat with all your nails.

    7-Remove tape and clean up any areas where polish reached your skin

    8-Add glitter polish and a top coat and your good to go!


    Now your nails are out of this world!

  2. DIY Color-Block Nail Decals


    October 14, 2012 by Emily

    Color Blocked nails are easily my favorite manicure look… it’s bold, graphic and not too girly or precious for my tastes. The problem with color blocking is that the edges need to be sharp and perfect to get the right effect, and I have notoriously shaky hands (have you tried painting straight lines on your nails with your non-dominate hand?! what a mess).

    This is where nail decals come in…sheets of semi-tacky nail polish that can be peeled off a backing, cut and then placed on your nails to create perfectly crisp designs. Any nail polish loving girl has seen the packets of peel-and-stick nail decals at the drugstore… but they are EXPENSIVE ($10 for peel-and-stick nail polish?! No thanks) and I’m not always in love with the colors they have to offer.

    What’s a manicure-loving, budget-minded DIY-er to do? Make your own of course! 

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