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  1. All that glitters..


    September 5, 2013 by Jenn

    isn’t always gold. I could be one of those bloggers who makes a lot of excuses for being away for a while but I won’t. Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you just feel a little defeated. Last you heard from me I was planning my big move to Richmond to go back to school. Welp, I did it. I moved. I went to Richmond with a lot of ideas about how things would go and none of it really worked out that way.. and now I’m back in Baltimore. It was the kind of situation where all that could go wrong went wrong. My living situation was uncomfortable, my job situation was not worth it, and VCU actually lost my application somewhere and once they finally realized where it went, fall was full and I wouldn’t be able to attend until the spring. I think in being an adult, it’s important to know when a situation is bad for you, whether it be mentally, physically, or otherwise. Sometimes it takes more courage to admit that something is bad for you than to just keep doing what you think you are “supposed” to be doing. I had a lot of fears in coming back. I thought everyone would judge me a little for coming back but honestly, everyone was just happy I was home. Sometimes the universe sends you a big fat slap in the face and you gotta roll with it.
    After I returned to Baltimore in July, a lot of things changed for the better. I moved in with my amazing boyfriend, I got a new job at a brand new restaurant, and this entire ordeal has made me more grateful for what I have and really put some things into perspective. Onward and upward. I did have some fun while I was in Virginia.


    I got to spend some time with one of my most wonderful friends Cristin and her two little boys jack and Henry who are as funny as they are precious. I also happened to live in the old Good Humor factory that had been turned into apartments. That was pretty awesome actually.
    Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan but that doesn’t always mean you’re doing it wrong. Life has a funny way of working out sometimes.. I will now be back in full force, postin up a storm. I got a lot of cute things planned so stay tuned!
    If you’d like to learn more about Cristin and her adorable little family, she has her own blog which can be found here.

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