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  1. Thinking Of Drinking, Fresh Lime Gimlet


    April 13, 2013 by Emily


    I really haven’t found a more refreshing cocktail than the gimlet, it screams spring to me. The gimlet is simple at heart, alcochol (gin or vodka) and lime cordial, easy right? But alas, premade Lime cordials are so artificial and cloyingly sweet and there’s something about the clear flourescent liquid that I don’t want to drink it.

    So instead, we’ll make it with fresh lime juice, it’s not difficult and adds so much to the end product.

    2 Oz Vodka or Gin
    1 Oz Lime Juice
    1/2 Oz Simple Syrup

    Combine all the ingredients with crushed ice, shake well, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and enjoy!


    Mint: whem making the simple syrup drop a handful of fresh mint leaves into the liquid to steep, after about 5 minutes they’ll have given off their tasty essence so you can strain the leaves and use like normal (mint simple myrup is also SUPER delicious in iced tea and whiskey drinks… mint juleps anyone?)

    Cucumber: When building the cocktail add a few thin slices of peeled cucumber to the shaker and muddle them into the ice, shake and strain as usualy for a subtle hint of cucumber! If you have a juicer and want a more in your face cucumber taste use the juice of one fresh cucumber while building the drink.

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