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  1. 5 Uses for Lemons


    March 18, 2013 by Jenn

    Lemons are both inexpensive and a lot more useful than most people think. They also look super cute in a bowl on your dining room table. Here are 5 ways to use em that will help you cut costs and steer clear of some harsh household cleansers.


    1. Keep your cutting boards germ free. Cutting boards get smelly and weird even if you wash them in soap and water. Next time you wash your board, cut a lemon in half and wipe the surface with the lemon. It will make it smell lovely and keep germ counts down.
    2. Nasty upper toilet cleaner. Everyone pays attention to the toilet bowl but not so much to the upper part. This is probably because no one sees it but what you might not know is that if your upper toilet is grimy and gross, the bowl will become dirtier faster. Do yourself a favor and put a cup of lemon juice in the upper part and let it sit for a half hour. you can use a little scrubby brush to help remove the darker stains. Flush and enjoy, much better than chemicals.
    3. Hand sanitizer. Don’t put chemicals on your hands. I know everyone LOVES that stuff but I just don’t feel right about it. You put hand sanitizer on and then you eat a sandwich? I don’t want anything on my hands that has the poison control center’s number on the back of the container. Next time just rub your hands with some lemon juice and rinse. This also works for removing the odor from garlic hands or fish hands.
    4. Bring old paintbrushes back to life. We paint, our tiny humans paint, we paint canvas and houses and god knows what else but maybe we aren’t so good at cleaning up right away and now your paint brushes are hard. Put a generous amount of lemon juice into water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and hold your paintbrush tips into the water for about 10 minutes then wash with hot soapy water.
    5. Brighten your nails. Rubbing lemons wedges on your nails will make them whiter and shinier!!

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