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  1. Adventures in Juicing


    February 7, 2014 by Jenn


    I purchased a juicer for myself a while back but I’ve only recently really started using it. January and February really get everyone on a health kick. Juicing is a simple way to get healthy. I tend to be pretty busy these days which means that there is very little time for me to get in all my fruits and veggies. This way makes it a lot easier and I love it so so much.
    There are literally a bazillion, yes bazillion, different juice recipes. I’m gonna post mine as I figure them out.
    This is the juice I’m obsessed with right now:


    Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of what you’re juicing. Try to get clean and organic fruits and veggies. I don’t know about you but I don’t want pesticides in my juice. Using cucumbers or celery as the base of your juice works really well since they yield a lot of juice but do not have an overwhelming flavor.PS. Try to have parsley in your juice as much as possible. Parsley actually detoxifies your blood. WOW.

    This is my juicer.


    She’s just a little Hamilton Beach gal and was only 55 bucks on Amazon but she packs a punch. I love this juicer because it’s so easy to use and clean up afterwards. Another added bonus of juicing is composting. How, you say? I simply place a plastic bag in the back resevoir to catch all the pieces and scraps that cannot be juiced.


    Take that bag and dump it into your compost bin. 2 birds, 1 juicer? OK I’ll stop.
    If you have any juice recipes we’d love to hear em!

  2. Natural Medicine, Lemons preserved with Honey


    February 19, 2013 by Emily


    I don’t know where you live, but here in Baltimore the weather has been going nuts! In the past couple weeks it’s snowed, been 70 degrees and snowed again! And it is doing a number on my body, drastic changes in temperature (along with being a teacher) always leaves me susceptible to colds and sore throats.

    Modern cough and cold medicine makes me feel goofy and ruins my day (why are the walls moving?!), so I’m always up to trying a natural remedy before I break out the chemical big-guns. Which is where preserved lemons and ginger in honey comes in.

    This isn’t a miracle cure, but it helps because lemon has loads of Vitamin C, immune boosting properties and helps cut the phlegm(ew, sorry…but it needed to be said), the honey coats your throat and is naturally antibacterial and by adding the ginger you have the added benefit of helping your circulation and being a tummy tamer!


    What You’ll Need:

    2 Organic Lemons , Quartered and Sliced
    3 inch section of Ginger, Peeled and Sliced
    Raw Honey


    -Mix the ginger and lemon then place in a small glass jar.
    -Top with honey then allow the honey to fill in all the gaps, then top off again. Repeat until all air pockets are filled.
    -Cover and place in the fridge to use when needed.

    Immediately the lemons will release a lot of juice and this will be very runny, but as time passes the peel of the lemon will release pectin (a natural thickener) and will begin to firm up, don’t worry it’s still good though!


    A spoonful of this, straight from the jar or in your tea (or hot toddy!!) will help soothe your scratchy throat in a jiff!

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