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  1. Quick Tip, Saving Your Broken Makeup


    January 5, 2013 by Emily

    I’m sure every make-up wearer has accidentally dropped an eyeshadow on the floor of their bathroom, looked down and discovered it in pieces. Worst.


    And I’m particularly rough on my makeup…. I toss things around, when I’m done with my powder I’ll just drop it (literally drop *plunk*….I’m a bull in a china shop most days) back into the plastic drawer I keep everything in… not the nicest way to handle my products.

    But, did you know you can RE-PRESS powdered makeup? Its easy, just a couple of minutes and some rubbing alcohol and your once destroyed makeup will be solidly back in its pot, ready to roll!


    You’ll need:

    Your broken makeup
    Plastic bag/plastic wrap
    Something to break up and eventually smooth the makeup (I used a mini spatula from an at home waxing kit Don’t judge me! I have out of control eyebrows…I’m part wookie)
    Rubbing Alcohol


    Place the plastic over the surface of the broken makeup and use the spatula to completely break up the makeup into a fine powder.

    Gently remove the plastic, and wiggle until the powder settles in a even(ish) way.

    Slowly drip the rubbing alcohol onto the powder, you want the powder to become saturated with the alcohol.

    Let the mixture meld together a bit, the powder will absorb the alcohol in a few minutes.

    Use the spatula to smooth the surface of the makeup, you can also use the spatula to compress the mixture a bit which will help it stay together.

    Allow to dry for 24 hrs, the use as normal!






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