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  1. Best. Toy. Ever.


    November 5, 2013 by Jenn

    So a couple weeks ago I was on the website for my favorite nerd website with tons of fun gadgets and toys for photographers,  Photojojo. (It. Is. Awesome. Check it out) Anyhow. I came across this thing called a Lomography Film Scanner for your iPhone. What is this madness you say?!?! Well, it’s a little machine that helps you scan your film into your iPhone. WHAT? I’m old school. I’ve been taking photos with the help of my dad since I was 9 and I have a lot of film, like A LOT. So I ordered it immediately.

    Photojojo is an amazing company for a ton of reasons (and no, no one paid me to say this) to buy their products. They have fun toys, an excellent shipping policy, AND my purchase came with a tiny dinosaur. Yep, perfect. So here’s how it works…

    You attach your phone using a careful little pinching tool that is padded so it won’t hurt your phone.

    You have to download the app that accompanies the gadget but it’s free! Open up your app and select the option to take a photo. Next you turn on the little light and slide your negatives through the bottom. The app automatically inverts the image so it look correct to you on you iPhone screen.

    Don’t worry if you get confused, there’s a helpful little book!

    So, once your negative is in the machine and your app is open and ready to go, all you have to is press the capture button and there you go! The photo will then be inside your phone to edit or instagram or tweet or Facebook or email or whatever fun internet thing you like to do with you photos.

    Here are a few of mine.
    These photos haven’t even been edited at all. Just simple black and white film. I can’t wait to try color negatives!!! What’s your favorite photo gadget?

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