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  1. DIY Advent Calendar


    December 1, 2013 by Jenn


    It’s about that time to start counting down to Christmas! This year I decided to make an entire wall my advent calendar. It’s really easy and inexpensive too. Here’s what you’ll need:

    - 25 pages from any old book you don’t care for anymore
    - clothespins
    - gold pray paint
    - sharpies
    - white paper
    - twine


    First you’ll need to spray paint your clothes pins.


    Next draw numbers 1 through 25, one number on each page.


    Next comes the fun part, decide on 24 fun holiday ideas to do during december. Ours included buying a tree, decorating it, watching Elf, making hot chocolate from scratch, putting lights on the house, and making CHristmas cookies. Once you have your ideas, write them onto the white paper. I used double stick tape to attach the white paper to the book pages.


    The last step is to find a good spot in your home and hang the twine. Clip the numbered pages onto the twine with the gold clothespins. Everyday turn over the corresponding number and enjoy that holiday activity.


    Start the countdown!

  2. DIY Advent Calendar


    December 1, 2012 by Jenn


    Happy December 1st!!!!! Christmas is right around the corner and I could NOT be more excited!! Counting down the days of Christmas has always been a tradition in our family. This year I put a different spin on my calendar. Instead of putting treats inside, I made a sort of “Christmas bucket list” of all the things I want to do (and need to do) before Christmas day arrives. Some are fun like watching Christmas movies or making cookies and some are a necessity like buying a tree or finishing my shopping. I put a different task in each day so I would stay on track and have some fun too! Here’s how to make it yourself!!

    You will need:
    - An old large picture frame
    - red spray paint
    - red sharpie
    - 25 clothes pins
    - tacky glue
    - wide tape
    - festive yarn
    - brown postal paper

    Not pictured: scissors, rotary cutter, mat, white paint

    I wanted my frame to look like a candy cane so I started by wrapping the tape around the picture frame at an angle. Then spray paint the frame with the red paint. After it is good and dry remove the tape and use a paint brush to fill in the other spaces with the white paint.

    Next number your clothespins. You will have one for each day. (Obvs.)

    I chose to make a Christmas bucket list and put each task into tiny envelopes. Let’s be serious, tiny things are really cute. I used the postal paper to make tiny brown envelopes. First make a pattern for how large you want your envelopes to be then cut them out and use tacky glue or mod podge to seal the edges. I used a rotary cutter to make the process go faster but scissors work just as well! (You could also use tiny bags if you chose to put candy or other treats on your calendar.)

    After the envelopes are dry, cut out small pieces of paper and write down your tasks. I arranged mine by when they needed to be completed and then put them in the envelopes with the according clothes pin.

    Now you are ready to assemble the calendar. Secure the yarn to the back of the frame with staples and a little bit of glue (just to be safe). The size of my frame allowed for me to have 4 rows. Then I put the clothespins onto the yarn and it was ready to hang on the wall!         I left the blank side of the clothespins visible so you can’t see the numbers and will turn them around each day so I know what day I’m on.


    Happy Crafting!!!!

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