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  1. Museum Day


    January 14, 2014 by Jenn

    Yesterday Patrick had a meeting in DC and since I was off work, I hitched a ride and spent my day at the National Mall. I love all the museums. They’re so fun (and FREE). My personal favorites are the Natural History Museum (my first stop) and the Air and Space Museum (second stop). During the winter time, it’s cold and gross and being outside really just sucks but yesterday was a particularly odd day temperature-wise. It was nice just to be outside walking around and not be freezing. 50 degrees in January is CRAZY.
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    1. The Natural History Museum has a really crazy exhibit on how human have changed the earth. Spoiler: we’ve done a really bad job so far. (7 billion now!!!)
    2. The architecture is so awesome.
    3. The room of bones is my favorite. It hasn’t been updated since the 60′s and it reminds me of Wes Anderson.
    4. Overlooking the mammals exhibit.
    5. Evolution of small critters.
    6. Dinosaurs!
    7. The Air and Space Museum is awesome. SO many cool things hang from the entire ceiling.
    8. Amelia Earhart. My personal favorite. I have always loved her, so much that I got a big ol tattoo of her on my arm.
    9. Cool old newspaper clippings.
    10. Murals for days.

    If you get a chance to go to DC, visiting the museums is a must. There’s so much cool stuff to see. Just an FYI: if you plan on seeing the Holocaust Museum don’t make any other plans for the day as you will be totally wiped out. It’s one of the most tragically beautiful museums I’ve ever seen. For more info go here!

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