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Studio Makeover: Part 1


January 25, 2014 by Jenn

A small while ago, my boyfriend and I had a roommate who moved out. This left one empty bedroom. My boyfriend, being the sweet guy that he is, told me I could have this room as my studio. (YAY!) I’ve mentioned before that our house is the size of a tuna can. I’ve also mentioned before that I have a lot of clothing as well as craft and photo stuff. We only have one REALLY SMALL closet in our bedroom so I knew this room would have to be a studio/closet. I also knew that I would have some work to do considering this room was not very aesthetically appealing. Here’s what the room looks like before!

It has a built in closet rail with a lot of built in shelving. The blue paint is really old and not my favorite. The off-white paint inside the closet has turned a weird color over time, not cute. I have big plans for the shelves.

This room has two windows on the same wall, both facing the backyard. Lot’s of natural light (yay). These window shades however… (not yay)


This is the far corner of the room if your standing in the doorway. You can see that the baseboards are really dingy and in need of fresh paint.


This is a fun project that I’ve been working on for a little while now. I can’t wait until its finished!!!


It’s coming together nicely. Stay tuned for the after photos!!!


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