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Our House, is a very, very, very, fine house


February 1, 2013 by Emily

I didn’t mean to go all Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on you, but it seemed appropriate…This month has had some huge life changed for me. The biggest, and scariest, is that I bought a house!


It’s something that I’ve been striving for, for a long time, so once I got my teaching job I buckled down and really started to save my dollars and cents for a downpayment. I didn’t really start looking for a house until the beginning of December, but everything fell into place so easily it seemed like fate!

I found this house the first day out with our realtor, except it was an open house! Less than 2% of buyers actually find their homes trough open houses, which is nutty…. but it gets even stranger!

After all the legal things were said and done I finally got to met the owner during signing, and thats when I found out that this house was Her first house, that she bought when she was 27, and she fell in love with it during an open house the first weekend she started looking at houses! How crazy is that?! Yes universe, I get it! I was meant to make this house my home. We’ve only done the most basic of updates, ok just paint, but its injected my personality into the house so much…I cant wait to really move in at the end of February !!


Can you see that I’m not afraid of color? After almost a decade of living in apartments and not being able to paint my walls i’ve decided to go full tilt. Dark teal living room?1 DONE! Bright red dining room?! Yes please!


These were the narrowed down paint swatches of vintage-y mint green… who knew there were SO MANY?!

But do you want to hear the craziest thing?! When my dad was helping me prepare the walls for paint, we discovered the original paint colors for the rooms downstairs… are you ready? Our now teal living room was originally deep blue-green, the dining room was originally red and the breakfast nook was originally light green….Crazy right?!  I. Just. Can’t. Get. Over. This.


But now theres a blank canvas for rooms and rooms of DIY projects and renovations and styling, I cant wait to share it all with you! Pssssst just a heads up, you’ll get to see a renovation novice redo a kitchen this summer!


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