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December 11, 2012 by Jenn

Tuesdagrams is a new feature where we will be showing you our Tuesdays as seen through Instagram. I went to my home town of West Palm Beach, Florida this week for an early Christmas with my family. Here are some bits and pieces of my Tuesday!

1. Palm Treeeees!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed them. 2. We found a store with astronaut nice cream, mint chocolate chip, my fav. 3. The weather was incredible. Going from super cold Baltimore to 84?? Not bad. 4. Saw the new Marc Jacobs for Target. Swoon. 5. Completely forgot about the awesome wine selection at the grocery store. 6. Found my boot cup from when I was a kid and drank said wine out of the boot. 7. My mother showed us some family heirlooms including this awesome pocket watch that belonged to my great-grandfather! 8. It’s our family tradition to make sugar cookies Christmas Eve and watch movies. This cookie gun is from the 70′s and we use it every year. It makes the cutest little shapes. 9. Finished decorating the tree and wrapped up all our gifts!

I always have a good time visiting my family, they’re the best. I must say though, it’s good to be home, being in my own bed and what-not. How do you celebrate with your families?


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