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Style: 3 Ways to Wear It


December 23, 2012 by Jenn

We all have that one item of clothing that we wear the same way. It’s not a fashion rut, just stalled for new styling ideas. Instead of wearing the same thing the same way, why not switch it up? Push how far you can stretch your closets contents by seeing your wardrobe with fresh eyes.


I’m a sucker for skinny jeans, but I’m always buying neutral materials since gray, dark denim and tans are so easy to pair with any outfit. Then one day I stumbled upon an amazing pair of emerald jeans at Forever21. For a grand total of $11…I had to have them. But once I got home I realized I had NO IDEA how to wear them without looking like a loon. After a few wears I’ve figured out how to wear them for work, play and everyday!


I paired the jeans with a textured white tuxedo style shirt, a vintage leather blazer, riding boots and a black canvas bag. As an art teacher I can get away with a little more, wardrobe wise, than some people can but the white and neutrals tone down how ‘young’ the jeans look making this a great way to rock the colored denim trend in the office.

Play:emily1-4Don’t be afraid to mix a bold colored item of clothes with another bold colored item!! This is a going out outfit after all! I think adding this thrifted berry colored blazer really compliments the jeans. When you pair two ‘big’ colored items, think about the tone, The jeans and the blazer are both deeper jewel tones…. a scarlet top just wouldn’t have the same appeal!

Every Day:

Hello weekend outfit! Instead of dressing down the jeans, I think the jeans are dressing up my weekend uniform of a sweatshirt, leather jacket and boots. No more looking grubby at the grocery store! Wearing a special item with no frill comfy neutral items keeps you feeling casual, but still dressed to impress.

I know I may seem a little late to the party, Chambray Shirt? However, My torso is long and I have somewhat broad shoulders meaning that finding tops in general that suit me is difficult. I was happily surprised to find this Chambray top at Target, of all places, for only 19.99. It is long enough to cover my torso but not tight around my shoulder region. It fits great and has become my new favorite thing. Here’s how I chose to style it.


I’m a sucker for patterns. My new favorite is pairing patterned pants with bold colors. This out fit would work well for school or work. It’s conservative without being too stuffy. The colors keep it fun. I used my top as a layer underneath a bright sweater and paired it with my favorite vintage shoes.


Everyone needs a good date outfit. This is also perfect for drinks with your girls. I like pairing casual pieces with dressy elements to create a look that stands out without being over the top. Due to my long torso, I tend to stick with pencil skirts or skirts that have a higher waist to even me out. Adding a bright accessory like tight is a fun way to add more color, and stay warm!


I like to be comfortable but still look cute when I’m running errands or just hangin with friends. Adding a shirt underneath a dress makes both pieces turn into a completely different outfit and gives you more use out of them. I paired them with some boots and now I’m ready for my day! An outfit like this is cute, comfortable, and doesn’t take a lot of time to get together. (My crazy excitement in the first photo is due to wind that was trying to pull my dress and show my neighbors all my stuff, oh no)

Next time you’re at a loss for what to wear, play in your closet. Try mixing and matching and don’t be afraid to get a little crazy! Have a great holiday!!


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