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DIY 3 Ways to Hang Photos


November 15, 2012 by Jenn

I don’t know about you guys, but I take A LOT of Polaroids. Ever since Fuji-film came out with their own camera and film that is pretty reasonably priced, I’ve been hooked. I’m also a huge fan of collecting old bizarre photographs from flea markets and thrift stores. There are a lot of ways to display these photos, most of which involve putting holes in the photos or some kind of material on them. Today I’m giving you 3 ways to display these photos that are fun, easy, and won’t cause damage.

1. Hoop Art
 Hoop art is so simple to create, all you need is an embroidery hoop and some yarn! Take the inner hoop out and wrap yarn around it, then put the outer hoop on and tighten it. Tada! I weaved my photos through the yarn to make a small wall display!


2. Photo Headboard

 For this project you will need 4 nails, yarn/heavy string, and some tiny clothespins. I used a level to mark 2 even spots on the walls, I hammered in the nails and then tied the string. I positioned my photos in a way that I liked and then clothes pinned them to the string! Super easy and no damage to the photos at all. I like this set-up a lot, especially since whenever I get bored of these photos, I can just swap them out with some new ones. (If you refer back to the first photo in this post, I made 2 rows and used the bottom row to hang some handkerchiefs I bought at an antique shop for a quarter! Fun!)


3. Yarn Hanger
 For this project you will use a little tape on the back of the photos but the great thing about the Instax is that scotch tape comes off the back of the photo very easily and won’t cause any marks or tears. I simply arranged my photos face down, ran yarn down one side securing it with small pieces of tape, and then ran it up the other side. Once I was finished I had two tails at the top that I tied together to use as my hanger! Easy as pie and only took like 2 minutes!!

I hope these ideas work well for you as a way to revamp your photo displays at practically no cost and no damage!! We would love to hear how you like to display your favorite photos. Happy crafting!!


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