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Apple Pie Liqueur


November 21, 2012 by Emily

Have I mentioned I’m lucky? Ok, Ok not in all manners but you’ll understand when I tell you…. My parents press their own cider. From apple trees that grow in their backyard. Sure it’s a huge ordeal and makes a mess, but I get to enjoy the most amazing apple cider (and hard cider…thanks dad!) I’ve ever had.

I’m not ready for the undertaking of making my own hard cider, but I am willing to use the cider my parents have given me for other types of adult beverages! I’ve seen a lot of post and pictures for Apple Pie Liqueur, and I had to make it for my friends housewarming party!

It. Is. Delicious. And I’ve decided it’s going to be my go to hostess gift for the holiday season.

This recipe will make enough for three 30 ounce bottles

What You’ll Need:

1 Gallon Apple Cider, please please please use apple cider from a farmers market…or at least the produce section NOT the “Apple Cider” from the juice aisle
4 Cinnamon Sticks
20 whole cloves
1 Bottle (750ml) of Grain Alcohol

Don’t forget the some nice glass bottles if you’re planning on gifting them! I used these 


Place the cider, cinnamon and cloves into a large pot and set over medium heat. Let the cider bubble and simmer until it’s reduced by about half (I boiled mine down to 9 cups).

Remove from the flame and allow to cool to room temperature and then add 3 cups of the grain alcohol. DO NOT add the alcohol the mixture when it’s hot or it might cause the alcohol to evaporate.

Pour into your bottles and place in the refrigerator to mellow ad blend for a day or two and then enjoy! This can keep in the fridge for a long time… but I promise you won’t be able to keep it around for long!


Don’t forget to sip… even when mixed, grain alcohol is no joke and we’re not in college anymore!!! Happy Holidays!


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