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  1. 5 Uses: Baking Soda


    October 12, 2012 by Jenn

    Baking soda is one if the most commonly used products on the planet.  When thinking of baking soda, recipes are usually first to come to mind but keep reading. There are lots of things you can do with this helpful little product.


    1. Did your dinner taste great but leave you with a sour stomach? Baking soda can be used as an antacid to help with that heartburn. Simply combine one 1/2 tsp baking soda to one 1/2 cup of water. Drink every two hours while symptoms persist. (It is noted that you should not consume more than 7 1/2 tsps in 24 hours).

    2. I have very fine hair, it’s like baby hair, so I love my hair products. Sometimes I notice that these products leave a build up on my hair. If you have the same problem, next time you shampoo your hair, put a dime size amount of baking soda in with your shampoo. Wash normally and the BS will remove the product and leave your hair clean and soft.

    3. Next time your deep cleaning your kitchen put away the harsh cleanser. To deep clean the microwave put 2 cups of water into a microwave safe dish, add 2 tbsp BS and microwave for 1 min and 30 sec. Then just wipe the inside clean! If you have some serious funk in there you might need to microwave the mixture a little longer.

    4. A safe and easy way to clean cloth diapers for your tiny humans is to mix 1/2 cup BS with 2 quarts water and soak the diapers. It removes the stains as well as removes odors and won’t cause irritation on tiny butts.

    5. Last but not least are the smelly places in your life. The necessary yet odorful areas of your home. The trashcan, the cat litter box, the fridge. Sprinkle some BS in the bottom of the trashcan before you put in the bag to keep your can clean. Sprinkle some BS in the litter box before you put in the litter to keep the cats cans clean. (Get it? Cans? Was that funny?) I’m pretty sure everyone knows the fridge trick, if not, throw a box in the back of the fridge and change it out every 6 months.

    One last tip: Clogged drain? Put a cup of baking soda down the drain then follow it with 2 or 3 jugs of boiling water to release the clog. Say no to harsh chemicals and yes to a more green solution that will also keep your expenses down. As you can see, I buy the store brand which is even cheaper!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Popsicle Stick Napkin Ring DIY


    October 10, 2012 by Jenn

    There are so many different crafts that can be made with Popsicles sticks. I recently saw a post about making them into bracelets and I thought a fun way to pt a spin on that idea would be to make them into napkin rings! Here’s how I did it.

    Supplies needed:
    – Popsicle sticks
    - an empty toilet paper roll
    - paint
    - brushes

    First you want to bring a pot of water to a boil. drop the Popsicle sticks into the pot and let them boil for about 50 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let the sticks sit in the water while it cools. Once the water is completely cooled, remove the sticks and dry them off.

    Take the popsicle stick and start to bend it into a curve, some of the sticks might splinter or break and that’s okay. You’ll want to boil more sticks than needed to account for this. Bend the sticks gently until they create a cuff then place the cuff inside the toilet paper roll. This will help create a more cylindrical shape. Leave the sticks in the roll until they’re dry, I left mine overnight.

    Once dry, your ready to paint! Use your favorite patterns or use colors to match your napkins. For a dinner party it would be fun to paint them with chalkboard paint and write the name of your guests on the rings!

  3. Our Favorite Free iPhone Apps


    October 7, 2012 by Jenn

    I am somewhat new to having an iPhone and I must say that it’s an amazing tool. There are a bazillion (yes, bazillion) apps out there that can help you do just about anything you need. These are some of our recent favorites and the best part about them is that they’re free!
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  4. Chocolate Chili Cookies


    October 4, 2012 by Emily

    The weather is turning cool, fall is finally here!! I love the changing of the seasons, the time we trade shorts for scarves and everything turns red and yellow (as well as Halloween being just around the corner, but that’s Jenns area of expertise!). It’s also the time when my pallet decides it no longer wants crisp salads and citrusy desserts and craves foods that warm me from the inside out.

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