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Spooky Halloween Wreath DIY


September 22, 2012 by Jenn


If I were to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, that would be the understatement of the century. I love everything about it, the movies, the costumes, the baking, the parties.. I just can’t wait to decorate and it helps if I can stay within my budget (much easier said than done). Most store bought Halloween wreaths can be anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars. I made this wreath for under 15 dollars! Let me show ya how. I know it’s only September and I’m a wee bit early for Halloween but I just couldn’t help myself.

You will need:

- A foam wreath (I got mine from the $1.00 bin at Target)
- A feather boa (Michaels, $3.99)
- Black Spraypaint (tiny can, $3.00)
- Misc. branches & leaves (all 40% off at Michaels)
- Tacky Glue (1.19 for small bottle)
- Spooky skulls or other scary items (also 40% off at Michaels)
- Thick ribbon (1.99 at Michaels)

Not pictured:
- hot glue gun
- wire cutters

 You want to begin by spray painting the wreath black. This will help camouflage any gaps. Lay your wreath on top of newspaper and apply thin coats of paint until it is completely covered. Once the wreath is dry, use the hot glue gun to attach one end of the boa to the back of the wreath. Wrap the boa through the wreath keeping it taught as you go around, being sure to distribute the boa evenly. You will want to leave a couple inches bare for the ribbon. Hot glue the other end of the boa to the back as you did before. Now your wreath should look something like this:

 Next, take all the spooky pieces and branches and position them where you’d like them to go. The branches from Michael’s are great because they have wire inside them so you’ll be able to bend them to fit the wreath. You’ll need to use the wire cutters to trim the excess. I find organizing the pieces ahead of time helpful because this way you can decide where you want everything to go before you start glueing. Move the pieces around until it looks just right.

 Once you have your design set, I weaved the ends of the branches and leaves underneath the boa and secured them with tacky glue. I used the wire cutters to clip off all of the brown leaves and add them individually tucking them in-between the layers of the boa.

 Once everything is in place, take the ribbon and make a bow in the space that was left at the bottom. I wrapped the ribbon over the space three times before tying the bow so that it would appear thicker. Arrange the bow however small or large you would like. I hot glued a small skull on top of the bow to make it extra spooky.
 Your last step is to make a wreath hanger. Take a three inch long piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Make a loop and hot glue the loop onto the back of the wreath in-between the feathers. You’ll want to glue the ribbon directly onto the foam.

Choose a spot for your wreath and enjoy. Making wreaths is a fun and inexpensive way to get into the holiday spirit. It also gives you something pretty to put on your door! I’ve also been thinking about holiday parties. I’m thinking of a Halloween party with lots of food and scary movies… We’ll see. What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween?


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