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Re-Style a Belted Top


September 19, 2012 by Jenn


In this feature, we will show you how to restyle clothing you already own in a new and fresh way. I purchased this denim top from Levi’s last year and sort of forgot about it. The top came with a denim belt that I wasn’t crazy about using them together. I think the matching materials threw me off, plus the belt sits in an awkward place (I have a long torso, see below).


















I’ve been wearing different belts with this top and then I thought to myself that there must be a better use for this denim belt, naturally I turned to Michael. He gave me 3 different ideas to turn this belt into a necktie!

Tie #1: The Men’s Bow Tie


















This is just simply men’s bow tie. A bow tie is usually shorter than a normal tie so we doubled up the belt onto itself making it smaller before beginning the tie. You can find an easy tutorial for a bow tie here.

Tie #2: The Pussy Bow


















The Pussy Bow is a term for any larger long tie bow on a blouse. Most tops feature this bow as a tie already affixed to the collar of the blouse. You can use any scarf or belt, as we did, to create this look. It has a feminine appearance and is a great way to jazz up any top. Simply tie a basic bow and leave long tails, don’t pull the loops all the way out. If you have trouble, and easy way to do this is to make a small loop on one side, a small loop on the other side, and tie them together, sorta like tying your shoes.

Tie #3: The 4-In-Hand Knot or The Men’s Classic Neck Tie


















The 4-In-Hand Knot is a basic men’s neck tie knot, also known as a “Simple Knot” or a “School Boy Knot”. It is the most popular knot due to it’s simplistic and asymmetric style. We added a broach to our knot to fancy it up a little. You can find a 4-In-Hand tutorial here.

This would be a cute date outfit, it would even be suitable for a work function. We paired my top with a pencil skirt. Due to the fact that I have the longest torso ever, I like to balance out my middle half by wearing high waisted skirts and pants.

These three knots are a super easy way to repurpose a belt and change up any old top to make it seem brand new. Which knot is your favorite?

Top: Levi’s. Skirt: H&M. Bag: Thrifted. Sunglasses: Forever 21. Broach: Vintage.


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